Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eargasm: Dubstep

I've been listening to dubstep lately. What is dubstep? Ok. It is a electronic-type music from UK that have some elements of drum and bass style of music but alot darker and dirtier (as in very distorted sounding).

A few noticeable elements of dubstep are the syncopated rhythm, tuplety/shuffly drum pattern.

Above is an example of a dubstep drum pattern.

However, like every other music dubstep too have evolved. There's now post dubstep and also brostep. What is it about I don't even bother to know anymore.

Here's a video.

The dubstep parts starts at 0.40. Listen at your own ear's risk.

If you got a good speaker this will blow your brains offfffffffffff.

However, the above song isn't what purist called a "pure" dubstep. Apparently, pure dubstep doesn't come with a drop bass. Some labeled this guy as brostep.

Anyway I got a serious problem here. I love listening to these stuffs. But I have a problem with the sound they used. During the dubstep part there's this sound (GRRRERE GERERE). Which when I listen too many times, I'll get like semi-migraine. Which kinda sucks :<

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