Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hong Kong from my Memory - Day 3 (11.11.11)

Day 3:

Argh! I'm so lazy to write bout travelling and stuffs! How did you guys make it look so easy and fun >

Anyway, we went here before going to lunch:

Breaking out a smooth criminal, gnome saying?

Criminal in front of the restaurant.

Took some photos of the signboards. There's Pacman in here.
Hello Kitty raped.

Then the next stop is the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA). This is one of the most well known place for all Ip Man's lineage students around the world.

What a cheerful man.

The man at the corner is the 2nd son of GM Ip Man, GM Ip Ching (basically my great grandfather in my lineage.)

Criminal is caught!

Fair enough. I'll play the grand piano.

Then our dinner is at this restaurant called Matchbox Cafe.

Hot Coke with lemon and ginger. Good for poisoning one's enemy.

Visited one of the best Wing Chun Sifu around. Sifu Kong Chi Keong. He is one of the sifu in Fight Quest (where two angmos will learn certain martial art for a week and then go for the fight). Here is the link if you're are free.
Next we went to visit Sifu Cliff Au Yeung. He is the consultant for the Ip Man 2 movie. Here's an interview .

And a night scene in Hong Kong.

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