Monday, November 14, 2011

Hong Kong from my Memory - Day 1 (9.11.11)

Day 1:

Sleep about an hour in the hotel due to the milk tea(?), and also someone kept on coughing and shaking the entire bed >3.

When got ready, we went to a mini mart to get some bread and stuffs like that. Then started our journey to Fanling.
This is a railway.

The reason is to pay a visit to my Great Great Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Man's grave. It's a little hike up a small hill, which you will be greated by this on the way up:


It was drizzling on the way there and by the time we reached the grave we are already soaked.

Now, I don't know if anybody else felt the same way, but when I was standing there I just got a feeling that I wanna hang out there. It's like meeting a long lost grandfather. Or maybe I'm just starstrucked. Either way, it feels very sad to leave this place.

Ok, next we went to the subway and rode the MTR to another part of HK which I can't remember anymore. But looks like this:

And then we walked walked walked walked to a certain abandon mall. Inside the mall there's a tiny restaurant. Seems like alot of Hong Kong celebrities went to eat. We got those:

Mee with cheese sauce. Looks plain but tastes like heaven.

And this is really good. Dunno what is it called tho.

So after all the food we went to the Hong Kong Museum in another part which I can't remember the name anymore. There are too many pictures taken here, but i'll just post a few and try to explain as what i remember.

The museum is separated into few parts. It starts from the beginning of HK (which is 100,000,000 years ago) till now.

You thought I was jesting?

Yes. He is making a grand piano.

The olden times mini mart.

Some clan house or restaurant? Can't remember.

Merchant boat I think. There's a wax old lady "selling" stuffs inside, kinda creepy.

Entrance into the medicine hall.

Ah, medicines.

City in surrounding walls.

This is the exam room for those who are taking exams to go up higher ranks in their work place. They will do the exams, eat, and sleep (nothing written about pooping or peeing) in that box for 11 (around this number) days in it. I'd rather be a farmer.

Then we proceeded to the Avenue of Stars. Where the walk way is pasted with names of celebrities of Hong Kong and their hand prints. Those who are dead before the Avenue is made doesn't have any hand prints on their names.

Jackie Chan's prints!

However, no Donnie Yen :<

Who is this man?

The nicest part of the Avenue of Stars is the background view of the sea. The beauty of it can't be captured on camera and you have to go there yourself to see it.

On our way back, we saw some couples kissing excitingly in a park. Seems like quite a common thing to do stuffs like there (fun fact!).

Emm, ya, I think it's about all for today. Feet hurts like mad due to all the walkings (more than 10 hours of walkings and standings in the MRT! fun fact!)

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