Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hong Kong from my Memory - Day 0 (8.11.11)

This is the first time i'm writing a travel post. So far I've seen a few bloggers who writes such stuffs and alot of times they write the things that they themselves wanna read. Lame!

So my journal will be straight to the point, written with facts that I'll try to remember. And you get interesting facts like no other!

Day 0:
Our plane took off around 3:40 pm. And today i realize that I can't pee on the plane. I went in the toilet with quite a full bladder, and I stood there. For quite some time and nothing is going on. It's like when I was standing the pee is gone. Then went I came out of the toilet, quite a number of people are already waiting outside. :( Anyway, when I sat down, my bladder got full again.

And just like every single damn travel blog in the WWW, you definitely need to have a picture taken from the plane window:

Fulfilled my quota.

Arrive in HK around 7:20 pm. When I was at the airport, I got a nice feeling knowing that all Hong Kong stars actually walked around here before.
So we took MTR (sort of LRT train thing), to Tsing Yi to have dinner.
Then we see this in the waiting area.

Dunno what are those.

But we went to a restaurant which have random quotes on the walls and mirrors like this:

What moments in time?

I had this:

And also a cup of milk tea. Food is good. But rice is dry like desert. NG! Then we went on to have a dessert. Something like a mango pudding with some yogurt or ice cream or something inside. Went to the hotel by a taxi after this. Which is kinda cool, cause I finally got to sit the taxi that we always see in every HK drama.

Anyway, that bugger overshot the hotel and dropped us further away, so we had to walk.

The hotel we stayed is called Panda Hotel. Which is on the 3rd floor of a mall called panda mall. Or that is what I think. On Panda Street, with a logistic company called Panda Logistic.

There's alot of pandas figurines and soft toys of pandas and huge ass panda playing piano. But alas, I was too lazy to take the pictures. Just google yerself. Heh.

The words read: My love with grow with you.

This is what is outside of the hotel window. I'm amused by the color of the basketball court.
Outside the hotel window.

By the way, when we reached the hotel its about 11pm+. So the pictures inside of the hotel or from the hotel window was actually taken during the last day (Fun facts!).

Oh ya, and then I went to poop. While trying to wipe certain parts, I accidentally dipped my hands into the toilet bowl. Somehow its either the toilet bowls there are shallow or the waters are high. (Fun facts!)

Went to bed after that!

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