Monday, October 3, 2011

Relationship with

Do you remember the feeling when you're in school, and you think about the time when you get to go home to message or call the person you really really like?

The excitement and anticipation that is so magical that you're mood won't get spoil no matter what happens in class or whatever.

I used to have that kinda relationship.. with music. 

I'll be in classes, and thinking of the time I can put the earphones in my ear and play the disc-man.


Then I'd blast the music so loud that my parents would ask me to turn them lower or it'll spoil my hearing. (Doesn't matter since my hearing is gone by being a drummer)

Whenever I felt sad I just need to turn it on. If I'm happy, I'll turn it on. Whenever I'm bored, I'll turn it on and imagine that I'm playing or singing that particular song that is playing.

Sometimes I imagine singing it live in a stadium with serious amount of crowds. Sometimes I'll imagine my own version of the music video that is suitable for the song with me as the main singer.

Then I'd imagine the girls who used to reject me or I have crush on, suddenly idolizing me but I'll just ignore them cause I'm the damn rapper of Linkin Park! Pftt!

Then suddenly I lost it. I don't feel music is important anymore. And I just listen it when I have the time and if I'm busy I wont even turn it on. Sometimes I even drag myself to listen to them. Kinda sad.
That's why there's no music in my Iphone.

But not anymore!!! After all these tough days, I just wanna kiss my Peelow (pillow) and stuffs earphones in my ear and get molested by music.

Then there's no need to worry. No need for money. No need for humans. No need for the planet.
Because when I am music, then the whole world is mine.

HAHAHA i'm an idiot. hey.. don't judge my butt..

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