Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finding Myself - Day 6

What a day with low mood. Somehow I feel humans are selfish assholes. Rarely, I come across people who really put themselves in other fella's shoe before judging them. And a lot of them only comes to you when they need something from you.

Just stuffs that I can see in my own working band. They don't fucking care if you've to play whole night so as long as THEY get the fucking applause and THEY get all the fame and glory. And I'm at the corner smacking my fucking hands off (plus fucking up my backbones every night) and nobody knows I'm there. (Not forgetting looking like a dumbass playing that box)

And the fact that they call you one of the member but you have no say in the band? Well, a middle finger to that. What I am now a damn slave?

Not giving a shit anymore. My heart isn't in there anyway.

My world is just getting uglier day by day. Seriously, stop fucking with me, whoever is controlling this piece of shit land. If there's no need for me, then don't make me wake up when I sleep tonight.


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