Monday, September 26, 2011

Finding Myself - Day 0

I fked up.
Today is suppose to be one of the happiest day of my life for finishing 3 months contract with Hard Rock Cafe. But because of my curiosity and my weakness I screwed up my life.

I dream of today many many times 3 months ago. On the last day I would jump on the drum and take an epic picture of me posing with my drum sticks. Then hang out until 3am and go home dancing and singing in my car. And celebrate it with my love.

Instead, I just cleared up my stuffs. Said goodbye to my members and left. And I drove home with tears streaming down my cheeks. And give myself a hug and tell myself, "You've done well"

What supposedly is a perfect day is gone just by one mistake. And the crappy part is I deserve this shit. I deserve every pain that is inflicting my chest. I deserve every lost of breath whenever I breathe.

I was told to find myself.
I dunno what is that or how to achieve it. But I think I'm suppose to upgrade myself.

My mission for Day 1:
Fake a smile - A real man doesn't display sadness even if it hurts.

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