Friday, July 1, 2011

Types of Students In My Drum Class

One thing I've learnt by being a drum teacher for almost 6 years is that there are different types of students with same characteristics.

1. The Normal

The Normal type students are the type of students that I consider as "normal" or "how students are suppose to be like". They come early to class, listens to instructions + understands them and also asks questions when there are things they don't understand. Practices at home by themselves alot.
Stress level: 0.5-2 out of 10

2. The Opposite

Basically they are the same as the The Normals. Only more attracted to errors. If The Opposite stays long enough and work hard enough, there are chances of them turning into The Normals. What separates them from the Normals is that The Opposites don't practice much (or at all) at home. Sometimes you wonder if they purposely continue making mistakes just to piss you off. Tsk!
Stress Level: 3-5 out of 10

3. The Silencer

This type is a very mysterious type. They don't talk much or ask any questions even when they understand or don't understand something. Classes tend very quiet and awkward. Heh.
Stress Level: 3-4 out of 10

4. The Skipper

Somehow The Skipper will disappear from time to time and then return to class suddenly and act as if nothing had changed. Excuses including sickness, no transport, sports day, too tired etc etc.
Stress Level: 2 out of 10

5. The Talker

Whoa this type loves to talk! They talk more than they play the drums. Stories usually is about their school life, gossip about they classmates (people that I don't know at all), and also jokes (which usually is not funny and I have to pretend to laugh). Some shares their family problems too.
Stress Level: 2-9 out of 10 (depending on the students' topics.. hehehe)

6. The Goodbye

Just so you know, people have to die someday. So some students took classes knowing that they are gonna fly to other countries somewhere in the future. And when the time for them to fly off comes, I get sad. Especially towards The Talker. Of cause that doesn't apply to all students. Sometimes I get abit too happy. Heh heh. Oh by the way, the sad parts only apply to students who tells me earlier before they left. Those who left without telling wont affect me much.

There are some though, who are mixture of different Types. Which sometimes double the stress level (Opposite+Silencer) and sometimes even neutralized the stress level (Normal+Talker).

Truth be told I never like teaching when I first started out. But now, I really wished to leave an impact (good or bad) in each and every single student that I taught before. Not just about drums, but about life.

So that I'll live on even after I leave earth.

Like in movies.

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