Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Types of Facebook Humans In My Facebook Friends

These days, there is an increasing rates of people that love to post their "success story of their day" on Facebook.

After observing such beings for many years, I figured out that, there are different types of Faceb(h)ookers who love to post their successful stories.

Type 1: The Sinceres
This type is quite rare on Facebook. They are really sincere and
would usually thank God (or their teacher or parents or a tree) for their successes.
Example: "Got a new high paying job today! Thank Potatoes!"

Type 2: The Show Offs.
There are plentiful of these in Facebook. And many of them disguised themselves
as The Sinceres. And most people are confused. Will get energy and boosts from many "likes" and comments that will kiss his/her ass. (Usually those who "likes" and comments are the same few friends or fans).
Example: "Got a new high paying job today. Oh yeah baby! Money money here I come for you! Hahaha!". (And sometimes end with "Thank seaweed too!")

Type 3: The Babies
Annoying little piece of shits that will continue to cry for more likes and comments. Usually happens on younger people or people who are young and achieve something that they think is "something successful"
Example: "Guess who got the new high paying job?!?! :DDDDDDDD Guess guess guess??! :DDD XD XD" (What a jerkhole right?)

Type 4: The Evils
Ahh. These one usually targets Type 1-4 types of people. (The Babies get the hardest hit) They usually update to counter another fella successes or just to piss people off by showing that they are as good or better than them. Often personal. However, The Evils might not hit the target that they intend to due to the fact that there too many people on Facebook. And people who are not targeted but too sensitive might feel the blow instead.

Example: "Oh wow someone got a new high paying job! but guess who got promoted and got the high paying job's higher paying job? guess guess guess who motherfart-"

So I've decided to blocked such people in my Facebook. So to those who are not getting any comments or likes from me. Its not that I don't care. Is that I cant see you anymore.

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