Monday, May 16, 2011

How The World Ended: The Recipe and Guide

Step 1: Earthquake! Humans die!

Step 2: Earthquake cause volcanoes to be alive again!'

Step 3: Volcanoes poops! Humans die!

Step 4: Lava heats the earth, ice on north and south pole melts!

Step 5: Floods! Humans die!

Step 6: Islands sink. Humans die!

Step 7: Survivors migrate to other countries.

Step 8: Food supplies dropped, countries overcrowded with humans. Infections! Humans die!

Step 9: Ice melts, waters rises, lands lessen. Humans die!

Step 10: Yellowstone volcano burst! The world is in darkness from the ash, and fire falls from heaven! DIEEEE!

Step 11: Temperature drops from sunless earth. Ice Age begins! Freeze to death!

Step 12: Human population 2,320,323

Step 13: Sucides! Human population 2.

Step 14: Coincidentally named Adum and Eva.

Step 15: Breeding begins. A new hope arises!

Step 16: Pregnant! Hope is good!

Step 17: But alas, two sons.

Step 18: --------------------

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