Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thursday Test!

Oh, its the time again for Thursday Test!

Every Thursday I will give a test to Myself. Because I really really like Myself. So I wanna test Myself in front of Me!

I: Hullo Myself, today's test is "grow some beard".
Myself: Wei, so hard. Something easier la.
Me: Not hard at all, I do this all the time. Hey I, give harder test la.
I: All don't bising. Myself must grow a beard right now. Me don't interrupt Myself. Damn I also headache.

Myself: Ok this is my current face:

I: Aiks? Current face? I didn't know Myself can change faces.
Me: ...I didn't know Myself is that ugly.
I: I know la.
Me: I mean I-
Myself: Shussh. Let me concentrate.... Ohm, Ohm. Think of hair. Hairy hair hair hairrrrrrr!
I: (whispers Me) I think Myself should be thinking about beard instead?
Me: (whispers I) Me thinks so too. But what to do, we won't wanna interupt Myself right?
Myself: Shusssh!!!! Bising! Think of hair! Concentrate!!! Ok, I can feel it! YESS!

Myself: NICEE!
I: Eh hullo. I asked for beard not body hair. Its seems like you have hair all over the place but your face!! And what is that extra leash behind your neck or back!? So hairy!!
Myself: AIYA Myself thinks wrong! Chikushouuu! Hunnhhh!
I: Anyway you fail. Pssh. Idiot.

So that's all for today's Thursday Test! See you all next time.

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