Friday, January 28, 2011


Ah, girls.
Confusing as ever, thou maketh me,
Understand you I cannot
And for that, I'm despaired.

If I keepeth my feelings from thee,
Thou sayeth I'm not an open hearted fellow.
But if I pour forth me feelings like a floodgate,
Thou sayeth a fussy pot is me.

When, but I, did not send thee any SMS,
Thou sayeth I care not for thee,
But when I, SMS too many-ful,
Thou sayeth I'm clingy as f-
..flies (on poop-eth)

Misunderstand me, thou shall not
Me love-th thee forever and after, fair little windmill.
All I needed, is a roadmap-th,
That will guide-th me into your heart.
(or thoughts?)

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