Monday, January 31, 2011

A Typical Day with an Orthodontist

See, every time I go to the orthodontist, I automatically have this demonic compulsive to swear. In my head. Here's the situation.

I walk into the operating room and put my ass on that fancy up and down chair. So the ortho force open my mouth and start poking and digging around, like there's gold hidden somewhere.

No hope of finding anything in this little fella

Anyway, I'll let him do all the digging, cause it don't really bothers me. Then the sucky part comes. The tightening of the wire.

Of cause, the worst part of it is that I can't see whats going on but I can FEEEEL everything!

Action: *Tighten wire*
Me in My Head: Fatting hell!! Wth was that!!
A: *Pressing of certain tooth*
MIMH: Owowow111!!
A: *Tighten wire*
A: *Even Tighter*
MIMH: Mother fishing virgins! PAINNN LAAA!!!!
A: *Pressing of certain tooth*
MIMH: Hmm not too bad.
A: *Pressing of certain tooth*
MIMH: Stop it, ESSO.
A: *Pressing of certain tooth, like, super hard*
MIMH: All is well. I've stayed quite calm this time.

*Give an encouraging pat to myself*

Friday, January 28, 2011


Ah, girls.
Confusing as ever, thou maketh me,
Understand you I cannot
And for that, I'm despaired.

If I keepeth my feelings from thee,
Thou sayeth I'm not an open hearted fellow.
But if I pour forth me feelings like a floodgate,
Thou sayeth a fussy pot is me.

When, but I, did not send thee any SMS,
Thou sayeth I care not for thee,
But when I, SMS too many-ful,
Thou sayeth I'm clingy as f-
..flies (on poop-eth)

Misunderstand me, thou shall not
Me love-th thee forever and after, fair little windmill.
All I needed, is a roadmap-th,
That will guide-th me into your heart.
(or thoughts?)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday Tantrum

Its time again for Thursday Tantrum! As always I'll interview myself on questions that I would usually ask myself.

Me: Hi, welcome again to the late late late interview with Me. Today's guest is a special friend of mine. Please welcome, Myself!

*I clap for Myself*

Myself: Thanks for inviting me, Me.
Me: No problem! Let's start then. So Myself, what do you think when I say "friends"?
Me: I see. Not a good response. So who are your friends currently?
Myself: Hmm. I'm not in any school or college. So I have none of those. I'm not close with people at church. So I have none of those. My working place is not an office, and the only person who works there is my teacher and boss. I guess he is a friend? And my girlfriend! That is a friend!
Me: Whoa, sucks being you eh? What about your friends that you used to mix in high school or college?
Myself: I used to mix with my high school friends. But they went away to study and we kinda grow apart. You know, they got their own friends and things like that. And when they are back we rarely hang out that often as we all got different interest. The worst part of it? Because, I don't smoke or drink I feel kinda separated from them. Kinda sad. College friends? Same case. Just that these guys are busy in work and have no time to hang out anyway.
Me: Man, you suck. What about church friends?
Myself: Haha, church friends? Well, church people are the hardest to mix with. You have to act "good" in front of them and try to look good but at the same time you know that they are also actors and actresses. So to be honest, it's really disgusting. And the shitty part is those people cause me to wanna leave church more than anything else.
Me: Whoa whoa, I sense anger.
Myself: ANGER?!!?! no ar... Just telling what I feel, gnome saying*? Those people who call themselves Christian aren't so different than people they call "worldly". When they are outside, they talk dirty stuffs, the leaders practice favourtism, they judge people by appearance, they backstab each other, they make fun of own pastors and the list goes on and on. Motherrrr, they are worse than the "world" to be honest. At least the "world" got the balls to act like an Ahole consistently. Damn.
Me: Aren't you a Christian yourself?
Myself: If those people call themselves Christians. Then I'm not one. But I can truthfully say from the bottom of my heart; I believe in the birth and death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that nobody can enter heaven except thru Him. Yeah! Eat that!
Me: Wokay. But don't those "Christians" pull you away from God?
Myself: Believe me not, they did. But believe me not, my boss/teacher is the one who increases my faith in my God. And the shocking part is that he is a Muslim man. Honestly, he is one of the most honest and sincere person I've ever known. Restepa
Me: So lets see. You are basically friendless eh?
Myself: Kinda.
Me: What about your girlfriend's friends?
Myself: You nuts?
Me: Oh well, you still have me right?
Myself: ...I guess?
*Hugs Myself*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thursday Test!

Oh, its the time again for Thursday Test!

Every Thursday I will give a test to Myself. Because I really really like Myself. So I wanna test Myself in front of Me!

I: Hullo Myself, today's test is "grow some beard".
Myself: Wei, so hard. Something easier la.
Me: Not hard at all, I do this all the time. Hey I, give harder test la.
I: All don't bising. Myself must grow a beard right now. Me don't interrupt Myself. Damn I also headache.

Myself: Ok this is my current face:

I: Aiks? Current face? I didn't know Myself can change faces.
Me: ...I didn't know Myself is that ugly.
I: I know la.
Me: I mean I-
Myself: Shussh. Let me concentrate.... Ohm, Ohm. Think of hair. Hairy hair hair hairrrrrrr!
I: (whispers Me) I think Myself should be thinking about beard instead?
Me: (whispers I) Me thinks so too. But what to do, we won't wanna interupt Myself right?
Myself: Shusssh!!!! Bising! Think of hair! Concentrate!!! Ok, I can feel it! YESS!

Myself: NICEE!
I: Eh hullo. I asked for beard not body hair. Its seems like you have hair all over the place but your face!! And what is that extra leash behind your neck or back!? So hairy!!
Myself: AIYA Myself thinks wrong! Chikushouuu! Hunnhhh!
I: Anyway you fail. Pssh. Idiot.

So that's all for today's Thursday Test! See you all next time.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Review of teh movie: Faster

Well, the movie started up with quite a strong and captivating story line.

Above: Strong and captivating

Then, it went on to be quite.. normal. Basically its about a guy who wants revenge for the killing of his brother, and another guy (policeman) trying to get our main guy, and another guy (assassin) who is hired by the ______ to kill our main guy. Try to fill in the blanks.

A hint. The answer is in one of the ( ).

Overall, I guess its a decent action movie. Quite enjoyable but at the same time you might let out a yawn.... or five.

"Nice movie. Uwaaaa"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Introduction: A letter to you

Hi family, friends and strangers,

Just a reason as to why I started blogging again. Its because Facebook is invested a with bunch of attention seeking legged beings that keeps on updating their status of their lives and don't have the decency to whore it around in a blog so that no one will care! RIGHTT?!!

So in order to not be like them, I can now complain my butt off and nobody who don't want don't want to know my thoughts can stay away from it.

See... i'm a considerate attention seeker person.

I welcome you to be in my pants (or shoes). And, especially welcome to my thoughts.

Here's a thought. Meow