Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eargasm: Dubstep

I've been listening to dubstep lately. What is dubstep? Ok. It is a electronic-type music from UK that have some elements of drum and bass style of music but alot darker and dirtier (as in very distorted sounding).

A few noticeable elements of dubstep are the syncopated rhythm, tuplety/shuffly drum pattern.

Above is an example of a dubstep drum pattern.

However, like every other music dubstep too have evolved. There's now post dubstep and also brostep. What is it about I don't even bother to know anymore.

Here's a video.

The dubstep parts starts at 0.40. Listen at your own ear's risk.

If you got a good speaker this will blow your brains offfffffffffff.

However, the above song isn't what purist called a "pure" dubstep. Apparently, pure dubstep doesn't come with a drop bass. Some labeled this guy as brostep.

Anyway I got a serious problem here. I love listening to these stuffs. But I have a problem with the sound they used. During the dubstep part there's this sound (GRRRERE GERERE). Which when I listen too many times, I'll get like semi-migraine. Which kinda sucks :<

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hong Kong from my Memory - Day 4 (12.11.11) Part 1

Day 4:
Woke up. Travel very farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Then we saw this:

Just a typical tall guy in HK

Then food:
Simple and nice.
Seems like a poor man's food. But it's so nice.

So we went to The Peak in Hong Kong. First you have to ride up a tram few thousand miles up the hill, and there's a Madame Tussauds, and also an observatory where you can see all of HK from up there. Here are some pictures of the Wax Museum that I think it's worth putting up.

Bruce Lee!

And I met with our own Dato.

Why the sad face?



Why so yellow?

Mr.Lau ignoring my ass.

Nothing down there.

Albert Einstein striking a pose.

Father of Britney Spears.



Yes we can..not.

Hanging by the balls.

To Be Continue...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hong Kong from my Memory - Day 3 (11.11.11)

Day 3:

Argh! I'm so lazy to write bout travelling and stuffs! How did you guys make it look so easy and fun >

Anyway, we went here before going to lunch:

Breaking out a smooth criminal, gnome saying?

Criminal in front of the restaurant.

Took some photos of the signboards. There's Pacman in here.
Hello Kitty raped.

Then the next stop is the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA). This is one of the most well known place for all Ip Man's lineage students around the world.

What a cheerful man.

The man at the corner is the 2nd son of GM Ip Man, GM Ip Ching (basically my great grandfather in my lineage.)

Criminal is caught!

Fair enough. I'll play the grand piano.

Then our dinner is at this restaurant called Matchbox Cafe.

Hot Coke with lemon and ginger. Good for poisoning one's enemy.

Visited one of the best Wing Chun Sifu around. Sifu Kong Chi Keong. He is one of the sifu in Fight Quest (where two angmos will learn certain martial art for a week and then go for the fight). Here is the link if you're are free.
Next we went to visit Sifu Cliff Au Yeung. He is the consultant for the Ip Man 2 movie. Here's an interview .

And a night scene in Hong Kong.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hong Kong from my Memory - Day 2 (10.11.11)

Day 2:

In the morning we sat a train to Foshan, China.

This is during train ride.

So we reached the station in Foshan, China after about 3 hours train ride. And the first impression is that, this place is totally rundown. People hanging outside the station looked very suspicious and the place is dirty and old.

So we took a taxi to this kungfu park in Luocun. It's still in Foshan. The park is quite huge and you can see grandparents walking with their grandchildren. And also every part of the park is a hidden radio so there's a song playing while you hang out or do your kungfu.

There are like stone pictures all around like this:
Every pictures on the wall tells a folklore. But about what I dunno. I can't read chinese.
Dunno what it says. But this dude seems stressed.

This is the coolest part of the park. A statue of Grandmaster Ip Man. Because he was born here.

Our next stop is the Ip Man Tong (Museum?). Its is one of 2 other museum in this huge place. There's a restaurant, temple, toilets, bookstore and a Wong Fei Hung museum inside it.

The entrace to the Ip Man Tong

First sign that greets.

GM Ip Man's original wooden dummy.


There are lots of stuffs to see inside there. Like his I.C., walking stick, pen and even his desk. And there are few original letters written by Bruce Lee himself that can be seen too. His handwriting is quite horrible though.

Walking on the way to the Wong Fei Hung (Huang Fei Hung) museum, we can see old folks gambling in the park just like in China. Oh ya, this is China.

The real Wong Fei Hung. Not as puny and handsome as Jet Li.

His lion head and wooden dummy for his martial art style (Hung Kuen, if not mistaken)

This is Poh Chi Lam. Wong Fei Hung's medicine shop.

Of course, every vacation there is a shitty part. We missed our train back to HK. And in the end have to sit a bus to a subway station. (The drivers there are nuts.). And from the subway to another subway and spend quite a huge amount of money for a new train ticket back to HK.

We left China around 7:15pm and reached only in the hotel around 12am+.