Monday, January 9, 2017

Why I Left Facebook!

Finally you guys! I've decided to stop using facebook for good! I mean, my account is still around, it is just that I wont be wasting my time and energy logging into fb anymore.

Let me tell you why dear friends and strangers.

1. Waste of time
I'm sure most of you internet users know about this and need no explanations.

2. Waste of phone storage
The fb app on iPhone is a storage sucking leech. So good to have it gone and get back almost 1gb of storage back! Suck it

3. Posts are getting shit
When fb started out and everyone is new, people posts only important events (mostly?) and stuffs that are interesting (other than food pics, this crap has been going on from the beginning humans realised they can post pictures online eg. blogs).

Nowadays, most post are trash! Like posting picture of road while you're driving!? What the crap?

Wow the picture of the road you're driving on changed my coddammed life

And what is up with post of your face and then unrelated captions? That's the worst.

4. Internet users are whiny babies
There was a time where I used to have fun on different groups/pages on fb. But it's so hard to enjoy anything anymore. Every posts no matter good or bad is sure commented by crybabies that can't just keep their negative opinions to themselves and spoil everything FOR EVERYONE.

But you say "Why do you care what other people think? Just ignore them you over-sensitive bastard!". Now now, I'm not a bastard. And if you can read such comments and then move on with your life then good for you, but I personally cant. Sorry.

5. Getting bombarded with useless infos from people whom I have no interest. 
Aren't you fellas sick to knowing wayyy to much info about most people that you don't really care about? I do and so should you; you sick stalking pervert. 

Not only it's not interesting, but it's wasting the space in my brain. Why should I know about your food and your outing with your friends and what shitty movies you are watching, or you getting your haircut, or how nice that you give strangers money and how great your holiday is?!??!


6. I guess. It's me
But honestly, I think it is just because I'm insecure and jealous of most people on my fb feed (pfttt..scorpios, amirite?). I tend to compare a lot of with my peers and I can say its disappointing to me all the time.

For example, one fella can post a video of him playing a musical instruments or singing and get thousand views in few hours. But video of me doing my own songs gets only 80 views after a day. Or pictures that I take effort to shoot gets few likes versus picture of a face driving getting 100+ likes.
Image result for cry me a river


Ahem.. Anyways I dont blame fb for this. I realised if one is friendly and/or talented in real life, their posts on fb usually gets more interactions (good tip for you fb addicts hoho). I'm neither so...

 I'm sorry facebook, it's not you, its me.

By the way, my personal music page is still on fb, with about 81 likes while posting this. Great job me. If you read this, please like me

Thursday, September 22, 2016

What a life


Don't you find it upsetting when you open up Facebook and everyone is doing fun things and you're here in your house doing nothing?

How do we overcome such feelings?

It's so amazing that I can write this post while pooping.

Isn't "Emo" like a mid 2000 trend? Who even uses that word anymore.

What an idiot;

Monday, September 5, 2016

Welcome back, me!

So after so many years, I've decided to resume this blog!
And I've just released my first album!

You can buy it on iTunes
Or just listen to it on Spotify

Alot of hard work and time is invested in this album. Please support even if you don't know me!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

EMO hair fail

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Serious Emo post

My mouse died,
My headphone died,
And my brother's dog is missing.

what's not to emo

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eargasm: Dubstep

I've been listening to dubstep lately. What is dubstep? Ok. It is a electronic-type music from UK that have some elements of drum and bass style of music but alot darker and dirtier (as in very distorted sounding).

A few noticeable elements of dubstep are the syncopated rhythm, tuplety/shuffly drum pattern.

Above is an example of a dubstep drum pattern.

However, like every other music dubstep too have evolved. There's now post dubstep and also brostep. What is it about I don't even bother to know anymore.

Here's a video.

The dubstep parts starts at 0.40. Listen at your own ear's risk.

If you got a good speaker this will blow your brains offfffffffffff.

However, the above song isn't what purist called a "pure" dubstep. Apparently, pure dubstep doesn't come with a drop bass. Some labeled this guy as brostep.

Anyway I got a serious problem here. I love listening to these stuffs. But I have a problem with the sound they used. During the dubstep part there's this sound (GRRRERE GERERE). Which when I listen too many times, I'll get like semi-migraine. Which kinda sucks :<